Toke Krainert

Designer & Educator


Since 2014, I've been a level designer on the Hitman franchise at IO Interactive in Copenhagen. In this time, I've worked on numerous missions, including several on which I was the track owner. The missions I've worked on myself are outlined below, and my experience with technical design, teaching, and managing is outlined under Resume.

Chasing a Ghost

Chasing A Ghost is a story mission for HITMAN 2 (2018) set in the slums of Mumbai. The mission revolves around targets Vanya Shah, Dawood Rangan, and The Maelstrom, an illusive ex-pirate whom the player must identify before his whereabouts become apparent.


Here's a playthrough of the Mission Stories Broad Strokes, Our Man in Mumbai, and A Matter of Discipline (spoilers):


In this mission, the player must identify The Maelstrom through one of various Mission Stories or unique mechanics as well as eliminate his two lieutenants Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan. Shah is the unofficial ruler of the slums, enjoying god-like status as she exploits its inhabitants from her fortress in an old colonial train yard. Rangan is a shady movie producer and actor, using the business as a cover for illegal activities and currently conducting a shoot in his half-finished apartment complex. There are numerous opportunities to infiltrate either location and take out each target and several others to bring targets together. There are even ways to pit the lieutenants against each other or have a third party eliminate one or more of the targets...

A House Built on Sand

A House Built on Sand is a bonus mission for HITMAN (2016) built atop our story mission in Marrakesh, Morocco. The mission revolves around targets Matthieu Mendola, a French architect, and Kong Tuo-Kwang, a Chinese construction mogul and rival to Mendola's employer. Kong is attempting to purchase confidential information from Mendola, and the protagonist is hired by the architect's employer to eliminate both men and retrieve the documents.


In this playthrough, the good people of Outside Xbox complete the Opportunity The Future Foretold:


At the beginning of the mission, the protagonist observes Matthieu Mendola, one of his targets, exiting his car in the consulate plaza. From here, Mendola ventures across the marketplace to the shisha cafe where the second target, Kong Tuo-Kwang, is hosting a party. The gameplay involves isolating Mendola as he roams the busy streets, obtaining the documents from his corpse, infiltrating the shisha cafe, and finding a way to eliminate Kong in the midst of his guests, staff, and security. Alternatively, the player can trigger a chain of events that has the two targets meet, giving her a chance to eliminate them both at once and at the same time obtain the documents. If the player neglects to kill the two, the documents will have changed hands, meaning Kong is now the target to which she must get close.

The Vector

The Vector is the third mission of the Patient Zero bonus campaign for HITMAN: Game of the Year Edition (2017), built atop our story mission in Colorado, USA. The mission has the player identify militia members infected with a virus based on clues delivered gradually by the handler and eliminating them discreetly with a sniper rifle. The player must also eliminate the doctor responsible for the infection, and if any of the targets becomes suspicious, they will flee toward one of two exit points, causing the mission to fail if they reach it.


The nice folks at Outside Xbox did a playthrough. They were a bit sceptical at first but came around once they got the hang of it. Also, the statement "I like the way this works, though; it's like Guess Who?, Where's Wally?, all that stuff at once, but with snipers and explosions" (6:39) sums up exactly what I was going for with the gameplay of this mission.

Here's a PC playthrough without commentary, including the briefing video:


At the beginning of the mission, the protagonist enters a tower overlooking the level. The handler briefs him, explaining that the doctor as well as everyone he has infected must be eliminated, and that intel on the targets will be delivered in pieces. Pools of targets are chosen at random, just as targets within each pool are chosen randomly, resulting in a high combination of scenarios and making the clue mechanic meaningful even on repeated play.

For each target, the handler first explains his whereabouts and profession, letting the player know where to look, and then goes on to deliver two additional clues, one after the other. Each clue applies to two out of four candidates in the area so that having both allows the player to determine the correct target by the process of elimination. As clues are revealed, they appear also in a condensed form in the user interface to ensure that players do not forget previous leads. Whenever the player aims at a character matching the last clue, the handler proceeds to her next comment, and if the player doesn't manage to do this after a while, she proceeds on her own. After the first three clues, the player is given time to determine and find a way to quietly eliminate the target, and if they still have not after a grace period, the hendler will point to a concrete activity they are doing right at that point, granting instant identification for any players having trouble with the deduction. When all infected parties are eliminated, the handler instructs the player to eliminate the doctor, and when all targets are down, the mission is completed, and the protagonist can leave the area.

The handler is highly responsive, acknowledging the players actions and reporting any state changes in the level. When a target becomes spooked and attempts to flee the level, for example, she will interrupt herself and alert the player, and if the player manages to eliminate the target as he flees, the handler will acknowledge it and resume her hints. If the player eliminates a target before clues have been given, she will acknowledge this with some surprise, just as shooting civilians is met with critique.

Situs Inversus

Situs Inversus is a story mission for HITMAN (2016) set in a high-end private hospital on Hokkaido, Japan. The mission revolves around targets Erich Soders, unconscious on an operating table, and Yuki Yamazaki, impatiently wandering the premises.


Here's a playthrough of the Opportunity Tell-Tale Heart:


Yuki Yamazaki functions as most targets, having a routine of behaviors which the player can exploit or manipulate, whereas Erich Soders is unconscious in an operating theater. This simultaneously prevents the player from applying common strategies to eliminate him and affords a range of new opportunities involving a surgical robot, the facility's AI, and other high-tech medical equipment.

Soders' life depends on a rare donor heart stored below the operating theater. Consequently, the player can effectively eliminate the target by destroying the organ. Reaching the heart is the goal of the Opportunity Tell-Tale Heart which simultaneously has the player abuse a remote control for the responsible doctor's experimental neurochip.

Yuki Yamazaki is facing a different problem: the ban on cigarettes on the premises. The Opportunity No Smoking has the player exploit this by stealing and planting a pack of cigarettes where Yamazaki will find it, resulting in her taking a moment alone on her balcony, high above the cliffs below.


Landslide is a bonus mission for HITMAN (2016) built atop our story mission in Sapienza, Italy. The mission revolves around the target Marco Abiatti, a corrupt politician attending a rally by the beach.


In this playthrough, the player completes the Opportunity Stage Fried, without the UI guide enabled:

Club 27

Club 27 is a story mission for HITMAN (2016) set in a luxury hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The mission revolves around targets Jordan Cross, rockstar and son of media mogul Thomas Cross, and Ken Morgan, the elder Cross' lawyer.


In this playthrough, the player completes the Opportunity Are 'Friends' Electric, including interactions with Jackie Carrington and Julian:

A Gilded Cage

A Gilded Cage is a story mission for HITMAN (2016) set in Marrakesh, Morocco. The mission revolves around conspiring targets Claus Hugo Strandberg, hiding out in the Swedish consulate, and Reza Zaydan, plotting a coup d'├ętat from an old school.