Toke Krainert

Designer & Educator

A Gilded Cage

A Gilded Cage is a story mission for HITMAN (2016) set in Marrakesh, Morocco. The mission revolves around conspiring targets Claus Hugo Strandberg, hiding out in the Swedish consulate, and Reza Zaydan, plotting a coup d'├ętat from an old school.


I assisted the level designers on A Gilded Cage on two points:

The layout of the shisha cafe, marketplace, and rooftops needed to support both A Gilded Cage and the bonus mission A House Built on Sand simultaneously. As such, I designed them while building the bonus mission, operating within the requirements of both scenarios.

I also implemented the behavior of the crowds in the marketplace and consulate plaza. The former is a collection of moving NPCs with random behaviors while the latter is a group of stationary NPCs protesting in front of the Swedish consulate. Both required setups and fine-tuning using the Glacier engine's crowd system while respecting the creative and technical requirements of the relevant missions.