Toke Krainert

Lead Level Designer


I'm Toke, a Danish lead designer with nine years of experience in AAA level design. My passions are nonlinear levels, interactive narrative, systemic gameplay, and user experience as well as leadership and product ownership. I also teach university, dabble in academia, and give talks whenever time allows.

Level Design

I've worked as a Level Designer on more than 10 levels across HITMAN: World of Assassination and Project 007. Shaping spaces, designing narrative, building experiences, and enabling player choice are fundamental skills of mine. Read more

Tech Design

I've designed several workflows, systems, and tools and scripted core nodes for HITMAN: World of Assassination and Project 007. Scalable solutions for content-creators is in the intersection of my UX and computer scientific skills. Read more


I've worked as a Lead Technical Designer on Project 007 and Lead Level Designer on HITMAN: World of Assassination. Assembling teams, mentoring designers, building culture, and streamlining processes are core passions of mine. Read more


I've owned several levels and technical solutions in HITMAN: World of Assassination and Project 007. Driving processes, coordinating efforts, and navigating conflicting interests are second nature to me. Read more