Toke Krainert

Lead Level Designer



I'm Toke, a Danish lead level designer with a passion for open-ended spaces and playful experiences. My skills range from high-level concepts to implementation, but I emphasize creative leadership and product ownership. I also teach university and dabble in academia, philosophy, and programming when not sipping cocktails or expanding my LEGO collection.


Interval Position and employer
Apr 2022 – present Senior Level Designer at IO Interactive
Track owning, technical design, and supporting game management on Project 007.
Jan 2021 – Mar 2022 Lead Level Designer at IO Interactive
Leading a team of level designers.
Jan 2019 – present External Lecturer at IT University of Copenhagen (part-time)
Teaching part of the course Game World Design with a focus on level design, environmental storytelling, and student projects.
Apr 2014 – Dec 2020 Level Designer at IO Interactive
  • Concepting, pitching, prototyping, developing, polishing, and bugfixing open-ended levels and live content for the Hitman franchise of stealth/puzzle assassination games
  • Track leading multiple levels, developing concepts with stakeholders, ensuring consistency and adherence to direction, maintaining the creative vision, and being the touch-point for directors and stakeholders
  • Leading, mentoring, and reviewing the work of other level designers
  • Working with programmers on the design of various systems and tools
  • Establishing best practices and developing various reusable scripts
Sep 2018 External Lecturer at KADK (part-time)
Planning and executing five exercise sessions on Playmaker for Unity.
Jan 2013 – Dec 2014 Teaching Assistant at IT University of Copenhagen (part-time)
Assisting professors in teaching the courses Cloud Computing, Programming for Game Designers, and Experimental Interaction.
Jul 2013 – Jan 2014 Teacher at Dagtilbuddet Lærkevej (part-time)
Engaging mentally challenged users with games, videos, and music.
Aug 2010 – May 2012 Teaching Assistant at Aarhus University (part-time)
Preparing and executing exercise sessions for the courses Introduction to Programming (twice), Programming 2 (twice), Interaction Design, and Philosophy of Information Technology and Computer Science.


Interval Title and institution
Aug 2012 – Mar 2015 M.Sc. in Games Design at IT University of Copenhagen
Applied game design theory, practical courses, and electives in theoretical computer game studies.
Aug 2009 – Jun 2012 B.Sc. in Computer Science at Aarhus University
Theoretical computer science with electives in interaction design and digital arts.