Toke Krainert

Lead Level Designer

Death in the Family

Death in the Family is a mission for HITMAN 3 (2021) set in Dartmoor, England. The mission revolves around Alexa Carlisle, British aristocrat and leader of the shadow organization Providence, as well as her present family members and their ancestral home of Thornbridge Manor.


I was the track owner of Death in the Family, having the overall creative responsibility from the mission's conceptualization to shipping. As such, my responsibilities were:

Playthrough: Means, Motive and Opportunity

Since this Mission Story is all about exploration, I highly recommend playing it rather than watching a full playthrough. If you want an overview without playing it, however, here is an edited guide showing the key moments (spoilers):

Here are the different endings (spoilers):


Below are a few links to interesting media coverage we received for Death in the Family.